If you are someone who often experiences debilitating migraines, you understand how frustrating it can be to simply “deal” with the pain. While conventional medicine can provide relief through medication, many people are seeking a more natural solution. In this blog post, we will explore the best alternative medicine for migraines in the Kansas City area, including integrative medicine, chiropractic care, functional medicine, and naturopathic treatment. Whether you’re experiencing migraine pain for the first time or are a long-term sufferer, we’ve got you covered.

Alternative Medicine Options for Migraines

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare that blends conventional and alternative therapies. In the context of migraines, integrative medicine can offer a range of treatments, including stress-reduction techniques, nutritional assessment, and lifestyle recommendations. Moreover, integrative medicine doctors in Overland Park, KS, can use cutting-edge testing to identify food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances, all of which are common triggers for migraines. With this comprehensive assessment, you can better understand the root cause of your migraines and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Chiropractic Care

Another alternative medicine approach to migraine relief is chiropractic care. Chiropractors specialize in manipulating the spine to reduce tension and pain in the body. For example, a migraine patient may receive an adjustment to the upper cervical spine to relieve muscle tension. A chiropractic adjustment can also improve circulation, which can be beneficial for patients with migraines. It’s essential to find a chiropractor who has experience treating migraines specifically. Fortunately, Kansas City has a range of chiropractors who specialize in upper cervical adjustments to relieve headaches and migraines.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a system of healthcare that uses laboratory testing to identify underlying imbalances in the body. Functional medicine practitioners use a holistic approach to treat chronic conditions such as migraines. Through tests, a functional medicine doctor in Overland Park can identify markers of inflammation or other imbalances that could be causing migraines. In some cases, migraines are linked to an autoimmune disorder or food sensitivity, and functional medicine can help to identify the root cause. Moreover, functional medicine doctors use nutritional supplements, herbs, and lifestyle recommendations to address the whole person’s health, not just symptoms.

Naturopathic Treatment

Naturopathic doctors use natural remedies and holistic practices to prevent and treat illnesses. You might also consult a naturopathic doctor if you’re looking for a more natural alternative to medication for migraine treatment. Naturopathic treatments for migraines may include herbal remedies, acupuncture, and stress-reduction techniques such as meditation or yoga. Treatment plans may also incorporate dietary changes, such as eliminating inflammatory foods or increasing intake of specific nutrients. It’s essential to work with a licensed naturopathic doctor with a history of treating migraines.

If you’re looking for natural and alternative ways to manage your migraines, consider integrative medicine, chiropractic care, functional medicine, or naturopathic treatment. Ultimately, the best approach to treating migraines will depend on your specific health needs and underlying causes of symptoms. That’s why seeking a comprehensive assessment is essential to identify the triggers and find a personalized treatment plan that works best for you. So, get started on your journey towards natural migraine relief by exploring the alternative medicine approaches that resonate with you the most.

Functional Medicine Cost of Care

Now that you have a better understanding of things you might discuss with your functional medicine doctor in the Kansas City area, let’s look at what it costs to see Dr. Melinda Griffin in her Overland Park office:

  • New Patient Consultation – $300
  • Review of Findings and Treatment Plan Appointment – $300
  • Follow Up Phone Consultations to monitor treatment progress will be billed at $300 per hour. Follow-up appointments are typically between 15-30 minutes. A follow-up phone call is recommended 2 weeks after beginning supplements, 4 weeks after beginning supplements, then monthly while the active treatment plan is taking place (approximately 6 months).
  • Patients should budget $500-$850 for Functional Medicine laboratory testing and $200-$300 per month for supplements.
  • Lab interpretation fee of $40 per laboratory test performed.**6 Month Package Available

Whichever route you choose, Dr. Melinda Griffin at Functional Health KC is here to help you with your gut health issues every step of the way. In addition to being able to help with functional medicine, you can schedule chiropractic and acupuncture visits in the same office. Dr. Mike and Dr. Melinda Griffin have a true passion for holistic wellness and are excited to help you with your health journey. To get started, contact us by filling out our contact form and setting an appointment.